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I am a documentary filmmaker, scriptwriter, and author of several educational works. My research interests lie in the field of pedagogy, arts, and entertainment, as well as second language didactics, focused on a target audience of migrant children within a European context, specifically in Germany.

I am completing a dual doctorate in collaboration with the Experice laboratory at the University Paris 8, in partnership with the University of Karlsruhe in Germany. Additionally, I am affiliated as a researcher at the Doctoral College of Haut-Rhin.



I am currently a teacher of German as a foreign language in two secondary schools in Munich, where I am conducting my research.

 Research topics

Linguistic identity of adolescents: Study of identity development through languages among adolescents, considering migratory, social, and cultural factors.

Multicultural Education : Analysis of educational practices fostering the integration of youth in culturally and linguistically diverse school environments.

Sociolinguistics of Migrations: Study of linguistic variations and language interactions among young people in migratory or similar situations.

Longitudinal Research on Youth Identity: Long-term analysis of linguistic identity developments among adolescents.

Narratology and Adolescent Psychology: Exploration of young people's life stories and psychological aspects linked to identity construction through language.


Scientific Field of Activity:

  • Educational Sciences

  • German Linguistics

  • Arts and Performing Sciences

Key Publications:


  • BELARBI, I. (2023) "Identity acculturation through body language: Case of recently arrived Muslim allophone youth in Germany." The Year of Research in Educational Sciences 2023, Paris, L'Harmattan.

  • BELARBI, I, et al.(2022) "Crossed voices around AL experiences: singular pathways and collective journeys." in: Title of the forthcoming book, 2023, Paris, L'Harmattan.

  • BELARBI, I. (2022) "Self-narratives through artistic practices." ICEM Echoes: The Bulletin, January-February 2023.


  • BELARBI, I. (2024): Le livre bleu. Zeothers Verlag.

  • BELARBI, I. (2023): Milan. Zeothers Verlag.

  • BELARBI, I. (2021): Audiobook Momo and Schmolly at the Emperor GENUS. Zeothers Verlag.

  • BELARBI, I. (2021): Picture book Momo and Schmolly at the Emperor GENUS. Zeothers Verlag.

  • BELARBI, I. (2020): Workbook for the fairy tale book Momo and Schmolly at the Emperor GENUS. 2nd edition. Munich, Zeothers Verlag.

  • BELARBI, I. (2019): Coloring book for elementary school. Momo and Schmolly at the Emperor GENUS. Zeothers Verlag.

  • BELARBI, I. (2018): Momo and Schmolly in the Land of Lost Nouns. Munich, Zeothers Verlag.

  • BELARBI, I. (2018): Logbook for school. Munich, Zeothers Verlag.



  • International Communication in Ottawa, Canada AISLF on the Incarnation of the Researcher-Filmmaker in the Narrative of Documentary Films in Humanities and Social Sciences: A Reflexive Approach.

  • Communication in the Inter-Congress Colloquium Aref 2023: 'Engagement in research, engaged research, research on engagement: what do educational and training sciences tell us?' "The researcher's involvement in their research."

  • Language Autobiographies: Concepts, Forms, Devices. Study Day Roundtable led by Nicole Blondeau Crossed voices around AL experiences.

  • Contribution to the RIDEF of Agadir. Presentation of didactic and pedagogical work with allophone children in Munich.


Participation in doctoral seminars and various interventions in multiple universities and educational institutions.


European projects:


 IDéAl: Immersion - Challenge - Alterity: Participation in multidisciplinary action research aims to bring together psychologists, psychosociologists, teachers, researchers in Education Sciences, and linguists to study the processes and effects of immersion in a language other than the native language, among children and adolescents, allophones, and newly arrived individuals.

For more informations:

Erasmus +

Gymnasium Marion Dörr in Hamburg and France

Implementation of artistic and didactic practices based on my didactic works in two high schools in France and in Germany.



For a more exhaustive list or excerpts of films, please contact.

  • "One Minute Rock Star" - Screenplay 2009 

  • "Where is Batman" - Documentary 2018.

  • "The Language of the Body" - Documentary 2019.

  • "The Dragonfly Woman" - Documentary 2021.

  • Several short films and commercials since 2009.

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